What is the MOQ to customize the LOGO of first aid kit ?

first aid kit with logo

If you are looking to start your own first aid kit business, the first thing you need to do is determine how many first aid kits you will need to order to meet your minimum order quantity (MOQ).

The MOQ varies by manufacturer and product, so it’s important to figure out your specific MOQ before you place an order. This can help you avoid unpleasant surprises, like finding out that you don’t have enough orders to sell at the event or trade show where you planned on displaying your first aid kits or that your supply runs out too quickly, leaving your customers with an inconvenient experience.

When wholesaling first aid kits from China from a manufacturer or trading company, you have 3 ways to customize the LOGO.

Make a Tag with LOGO on the first aid kit

To make a tag on your customized first aid kit, you will need to buy 500 pcs. Please note that when buying less than that, each kit will be individually packed and tagged by default. In case you want them packed in one box, you need to write down bulk packing or one set, or  you could give us instructions like please pack them all together with 1 QTY tag or please don’t add any tags, etc.

Embroidered or print the LOGO on the first aid kit

first aid kit with logo
first aid kit with logo

The minimum quantity for an embroidered LOGO on a first aid kit would depend on what size it is. Generally, you can order as few as 300, but if it’s an 8′′ x 10′′ pouch, you’d probably want at least 500 or more.

If you are looking to put your logo on a larger product that will only have one color imprint, then again it will depend on how big it is. If you need at least 5000 pieces, it could come at a cheaper price.

The minimum order quantity might not always be based off how many pieces are ordered; if there are multiple sizes available with different prices per piece then sometimes they consider that when determining your MOQ.

Make a patch with LOGO on the first aid kit

first aid kit with patch
first aid kit with patch

Customize a patch with your LOGO for your first aid kit with small quantity if you like. The MOQ here is 300 pieces. The logo size should be customized according to the customer’s design. There are usually three options available: embroidery, heat transfer and hot stamping.

The fabric is usually made of cotton or twill; there may be additional costs if fabric is not included with patch order. The backside has double-sided adhesive tape for easy placement on any surface (like backpack, shirt, vest). The lead time for customized patches varies based on quantity, material and workmanship required.


To create customized first aid kits with LOGO, you need to know more about your target customers and what they want. Most manufacturers will consult with you and figure out an optimal product based on your requirements and cost. The minimum order quantity depends on how many products you need customized; however, most companies begin with 300-500 units.!

What is the sample cost to customize LOGO on the first aid kits ?

You may concern how much you need to pay sample cost. The sample cost to make a patch is USD 45, the sample cost to print or embroidered LOGO is about 80. After you do the payment the factory will finish the sample with customized LOGO with 10 days delivery time. It takes about 5 days to have the sample shipped to you by express.

YEYE Tactical is a professional first aid kit manufacturer with own design, please feel free to Contact and message us to send a request if you need your own design first aid kits with your LOGO, you can start with a small amount with your own LOGO.


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