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The Booboo kit is a small-sized face cap-shaped medical first aid kit.

With a highly compact design, it is quite handy and can be easily carried about.

Suitable for camping, sporting, and other outdoor activities.

Tis kit is made with weather damage-resistant material, cordura fabric which also offers water resistance and is highly durable and resistant to tears and rips.

Designed with a mesh pocket and elastic band, the Boo Book kit gives strong hold and good storage to medical supplies

It is fitted with a carabiner on the rear and can be securely fixed and hung on a backpack or a belt loop.

It also comes with an abrasion-resistant zip which opens 360° for complete and easy access to the supplies.

Lightweight design, necessary for hi -mobility and can be easily car colors young kids.

The Boo Boo kit is available in different bright and exciting camouflage colors, which makes it a trendy fashion.

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