Colors of thermal blankets and how to choose ?

thermal blanket 1
Thermal blankets are practically life savers and essentials of first aid or survival kits. This is why having a good knowledge of these thermal blankets, their properties, different colors available and the factors to look out for when selecting the thermal blanket is instrumental to benefiting from its uses. The various colors, as outlined above, have some unique and exciting properties that makes them stand out. Be sure to opt for anyone that suits your needs and preferences adequately.
thermal blanket 1
thermal blanket

For people who love to go out on adventures and explore various landscapes, there is a greater likelihood of encountering weather elements, which might occasionally be harsh and unconducive.
Therefore, it is important to own a first aid kit built for handling emergencies. A thermal blanket is an important component of this first aid kit, particularly for outdoor excursions, camping, hiking, and similar activities.
This blanket plays a great role in preventing shock as a result of extremely cold weather conditions. 
It is also very versatile in its function. The thermal blanket for this reason has been termed a survival blanket that is a staple to emergency response workers, a military expedition, forest rangers, and the likes. This blanket is a most have in an individual first aid kit.
This article provides a detailed look at what a thermal blanket is, the colors of thermal blankets and factors to consider when choosing one and why it should be in your first aid kit.

What is a thermal blanket first aid kit and how does it work?

thermal blanket rescue 1
thermal blanket rescue 1

A thermal blanket is a type of blanket made of thin plastic sheeting that reflects heat. It is designed to help reduce the loss of heat from the human body.

This type of blanket is made with a high quality lightweight material which makes it easier to use, store and maintain. 

In addition, this type of blanket is a necessary component of a survival individual first aid kit when going out for adventures especially to places of high altitude or extreme weather conditions, which can predispose an individual to hypothermic injuries.

Extreme body heat loss disrupts the normal function of the body organs and might, in severe cases, lead to the death of an individual.

However, the thermal blanket works by preventing heat loss from the body through their reflective property that deflects radiated heat from the body and prevents it from being lost.

Thermal blanket Vs. Non-thermal blanket

The functionality of a thermal blanket is based on some distinguishing features which cannot be found in non-thermal blankets. In looking at the differences between these two first aid kit, it is vital to consider some vital features and functionalities.

The comparison between a thermal blanket and a non-thermal blanket are as follows


A thermal blanket is designed to have less bulk than traditional blankets. This is because it is usually made from thin layers of insulation materials that trap heat using an advanced mechanism.

This mechanism eliminates the need for excess clothes found in traditional blankets. With this, it is easier for thermal blankets to fit in with camping equipment and in first aid kits to help in cases of emergency and tactical combat casualty care.


A thermal blanket can easily serve the function of numerous non-thermal blankets put together. In addition, its low weight makes it ideal for mobility when put in a first aid kit bag. It can also be used on neonates and children.

Ease Of Maintenance

The nature of the materials used in the manufacturing this medical equipment makes it easy for storage and maintenance.

It is also easier to clean and does not require a lot of effort to launder or a large space for storage. This feature makes it very time efficient and also cost-efficient than traditional blankets.


While the look and feel of thermal blankets differ from that of the non-thermal blanket, they are also designed as trauma kits to provide a regular comfort level.

This is contrary to the erroneous beliefs that medical kits are uncomfortable.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Thermal Blanket Individual First Aid Kit

Before opting for this trauma kit in treating life threatening injuries, there are some things to look out for to diligently ensure that your thermal blanket serves its purpose as an advanced kit.

Unfortunately, the numerous thermal blankets available in the market can make it a little difficult for you to decide on the best trauma kit to opt for.

Hence, we have outlined factors below that would guide you to select the best suitable thermal blanket for medical treatment.


Thermal blankets come in a variety of sizes which are usually indicated on the thermal blanket packs. It is essential to opt for a trauma kit that is large enough to cover you and safeguard you from harsh elements of weather appropriately. 

For an adult, the average dimension of thermal blankets required is about 52 by 54 inches. Peculiarities in your size may also determine the dimensions of blankets needed for pressure dressing.


The nature of the material used in manufacturing this advanced first aid kit goes a long way in determining how efficient and how well it retains body heat. In addition, it also contributes to the weight of the thermal blanket.

Ideally, a thermal blanket for medical treatment should be lightweight. This makes it easier to carry the trauma kit and does not make your first aid kit significantly heavier.

The durability of your thermal blanket is also highly dependent on the type of material used. It is common for most emergency first aid kit ifak to be made with lightweight mylar material that is especially suitable for single-use and serves as a disposable item.

However, other emergency blankets that might be made with wool or other heavy-duty materials can be utilized for an extended period.


Another vital factor to consider when selecting a thermal blanket as part of your medical supplies is the thickness of the blanket.

The spectrum of thickness can vary from very thin to very thick. Thin blankets have the advantage of being used for improvisation as they can be easily cut into pieces and used as slings or compression aid. 

Moreover, it’s easier to carry thin blankets. On the other hand, thick blankets are more comfortable for the users but might make your first aid kit a tad bit heavier.


Elements of weather such as moisture, rain, and snow contribute adversely to an already dire situation. So while your medical devices like trauma blankets for your first aid kit opt for one that retain body heat, simultaneous protects from weather element while treating minor injuries.

However, not all thermal blankets for your first aid kits are weatherproof, so you should look out for this feature to prevent hypothermia and shock.

This is especially important when you are certain your adventure causes exposure to extreme weather and serious trauma.


The quantity of thermal blankets for your first aid kit is usually the last thing you need to consider before purchasing.

You can make this decision based on the number of people who will partake in an excursion or outdoor activity.

For instance, if you are about ten individuals, a pack of 12 would suffice. You could also opt for additional equipment like a tactical gear and some safety pins.

silver thermal blanket 1
silver thermal blanket 1

Colors of thermal blanket first aid kits and their functions

Silver Colored Thermal Blanket

silver blanket 1
silver blanket 1

The silver-colored thermal blanket is a great addition to your first aid kit to insure you from difficult weather conditions and life threatening injuries.

This trauma kit which employs reinforced aluminized insulation to aid in conserving body temperature can also act as a chest seal. When there is a massive hemorrhage, the silver filigree can be used to control bleeding and also act as life saving items.

Further, this silver thermal blanket for combat medic serves multi-functions and can double as a shelter, shade cover, sitting bags, and wind blockers.

It also offers protection against injuries from thorns and spikes in bushes and forests which makes it a most have in a military first aid kit.

With a large size, you can wrap yourself in a cocoon-like Manner for ultimate protection from hyperthermia and shock.

The efficacy of the silver color in conserving body heat is rooted in its special ability to retain virtually all of the body heat that would normally be radiated and lost to the environment.

So, in essence, these silver blankets recycle heat lost from the body to keep you warm just like most kits.

This first aid kits is also known for its highly reflective property, especially in the presence of sunlight. With this, you can be spotted from afar in a landscape.

This feature is particularly important for those who go hiking or other adventurers in groups using these hemostatic agents.

Functions and features

This metalized plastic trauma kit can be used in the following scenarios.

  • In emergencies that require a person to be protected from weather conditions or to keep warm while saving lives
  • Used by medical experts as a windbreaker and emergency waterproof wrap.
  • This small kit can be used to treat or prevent hypothermia, bleeding and shock.
  • This trauma kit can be used to block and cover from snow, moisture, and rain. This helps to remain dry in wet, damp, rainy, cold weather conditions.
  • To help retain about 90% of body heat during extremely cold weather conditions.
  • In non-emergency conditions, such as keeping marathon athletes warm after a race.
  • This training equipment can be used as a signaling device during an emergency. Its reflective property makes it easy to spot them from a distance.

It is essential to note that the thermal blanket made with Mylar is not breathable and should not be used to cover the face to prevent breathing complications.

Golden Colored Thermal Blanket

golden thermal blanket 1
golden thermal blanket 1

As with other medical kits, this Gold thermal blanket utilizes the principles of thermodynamics to conserve body temperature.

Because of its low weight and the ease of fitting in a smaller space, it is a very common content of individual first aid kit for outdoor activities and sports.

 This trauma kit can also be given to athletes, law enforcement agent and sprint at the end of competitions when the weather is cold.

Additionally, it is waterproof and windproof, which makes it an ideal trauma shears for shooting sports. In first aid, hypothermia is countered by reducing convection heat losses due to evaporation and thermal radiation.

The gold-colored thermal blanket is also very useful own ifak that provides shade against heat in a hot environment. However, the principle of its usage in a hot environment differs from the usage in a cold environment.

In the latter wrapping, a person is not advocated for because the body heat would get trapped, causing a significant drop in the cooling rate of the body, which is specifically important in hot and humid weather conditions.

The golden color of this thermal blanket gives it a high visibility level from the air and makes it act as eye shields.

The shiny Gold color can also be leveraged as an improvised beacon for searchers and long-distance signaling of individuals. It will also stand out as basic items in water or snow because of its color.

Functions and functions

  • It can be used save life’s in emergency survival conditions and also maintain up to 90% body heat.
  • This first aid kits supplies help you remain dry in cold, and rainy weather conditions. This is due to its windproof, moisture-proof, and waterproof built
  • This trauma aid kit helps to prevent shock, bleeding and hypothermia in intense weather conditions.
  • In addition, this first aid kit equipment acts as sleeping bag liners and ground covers.

Safety Orange Colored Thermal Blanket

safety orange blanket 1
safety orange blanket 1

The orange-colored thermal blanket is a first aid equipment that comes in small weight and compact size. It is perfect with other first aid items like the band aids, fold gauze, decompression needle, trauma shears among other small kits

It can become a helpful tool in finding lost campers or hikers due to the high visibility of the orange color when reflected on by the sun. 

Additionally, visibility can be instrumental in making trailblazers or marking paths to allow hikers or explorers to find their way without getting lost.

The reflective material makes it efficient in retaining body heat and preventing excessive heat loss through radiation. 

This emergency blanket is adapted for extreme weather conditions and comes in very handy in emergencies. This thermal blanket is more than just survival gear and can double as a shelter, rain cover, bivouac bag, and sleeping bag. 

A more interesting function of this first aid kit is its use as a reflector. This is very important in keeping a camping group warm with a limited amount of resources.

By simply positioning your thermal blanket across from the fire, the heat from this trauma kit radiates to you at a higher temperature.

Functions and features

  • The polyethylene material of this advanced first aid kit helps it to reflect 90% of body heat.
  • This first aid equipment is waterproof, windproof making it a perfect hemostatic agent and equipment to save life.
  • This military gear is appropriate for trekking, hiking, camping, cycling, climbing, hunting, boating.
  • It can easily be packed in first aid kits and other emergency kits.
  • This trauma kit can also be used as a base pad, solar oven, ground cover, emergency shelter, bivouac bag, and life saving tourniquet, etc.
  • The orange color stands for an emergency. Hence, these first aid items can be used to signal rescuers according to your skill level and training.

Olive Drab colored Thermal Blanket

olive drab blanket 1
olive drab blanket 1

This olive-colored thermal blanket is a first aid gear made with reflective material that conserves body temperature through radiation and is useful for emergencies to prevent shock and hypothermic injuries.

These thermal blankets should be in every first aid kits together with a chest seal. It is made of components that enable heat loss prevention through convection radiation and evaporation.

These first aid kits is like a small pouch that employs a thermal reflective layer similar to other space blankets. 

As a result, it promises better durability and warmth provision than a regular space blanket when used during training, It is also used as a life supplies gear in very cold weather as an internal lining layer for bivouac sacks. 

The olive color does not serve the same functions as the other brightly-colored thermal blankets for signaling; it does the opposite by blending in with the environment seamlessly, making it difficult to be spotted.

This feature is particularly valuable for military personnel to disguise and properly conceal themselves from the adversaries while using these kits.

People who also spend a lot of time in a forest or similar environment can use these trauma kits to protect themselves from predators.

Features and functions

  • These kits reflects and retains 90% of the human body heat radiated, preventing the body from cooling down.
  • This lightweight life blanket for training is waterproof and windproof, and it doesn’t allow for penetration of wind or moisture.
  • In addition, these kits can also be given to marathoners at the end of an event. It can also be used for signaling during an SOS rescue.
  • They can be used during camping, emergency cases, and sporting events to save life and prevent injury.
  • Furthermore, these trauma supplies can also be used as a tarp or ground cover.
  • The color of the blanket has the specialty of blending into the environment according to your skill level and training.
  • As mentioned earlier, this blanket can be used to can serve as shelter from cold and rain just inline with your personal preference.

Camouflage Colored Thermal Blanket

camouflage thermal blanket 1
camouflage thermal blanket 1

A camouflage-colored thermal blanket is an essential first aid kit for law enforcement agents. It helps to prevent injuries during outdoor activities.

In addition, this blanket also serves as chest seals and helps to prevent shock and hypothermic injuries based on the body’s ability.

Made from quality and aluminized mylar, it is durable and offers ultimate insulation properties while deflecting harsh weather elements. Owing to the waterproof nature of these trauma kits, it can be used as an improvised roof to protect from rain.

It can also be placed as a barrier between you and the ground to protect against bites and massive hemorrhage.

The designs are fairly compact, so this is easier to fit in the first aid kit or backpack. Moreover, the trauma kits are made from highly durable material suitable for use for longer periods without any decline in its functionality.

For safety concerns, a camouflage-colored thermal blanket is very helpful, especially in cases of war, where the foot soldiers have to conceal themselves and blend in with the environment to prevent an attack from the enemy.

Campers and hikers who also go out to the forest for exploration help to conceal you from wild animals and predators.

Features and functions

  • They are used as chest seals to conserve body heat, remain warm, and prevent hypothermia in intense outdoor conditions.
  • They retain up to 90% of body heat and can also be used to make quick shelters.
  • The blankets are windproof, waterproof, moisture-proof, and also reusable.
  • They can be used for ground shelters and to protect from the sun.
  • Marathoners can also use them as ultralight blankets.
  • They are suitable for camping, hiking, boating, camping, etc.
  • They can also blend easily with foliage and are a good sleeping bag liner.

Tips for Using a Thermal Blanket

  •  To get the most out of your thermal blanket, ensure that you do not put this individual first aid kit close to your skin. There is a need for an insulating layer between your skin and your thermal blankets.
  • Secondly, it is vital to confirm that your thermal blanket is dry before using as a chest seal. The blankets prevent evaporation, so it is easy for sweat to linger on the blanket and make you cold instead of conserving your heat. Before using, endeavor to dry your thermal blanket.
  • Although thermal blankets are made from Mylar and are durable, they are prone to punctures by sharp instruments, and once punctured, it progresses into rips and tears. If you encounter a rip in your thermal blanket, you can quickly fix it with the aid of duct tapes to prevent the tears from getting worse.
  • If you are hypothermia, you must seek an extra heat source as your body does not contain sufficient heat to be recycled by the thermal blanket. An open fire or a hot water flask would do well to provide the extra source of heat needed.


Thermal blankets are practically life savers and essentials of first aid or survival kits.
This is why having a good knowledge of these thermal blankets, their properties, different colors available and the factors to look out for when selecting the thermal blanket is instrumental to benefiting from its uses.
The various colors, as outlined above, have some unique and exciting properties that makes them stand out. Be sure to opt for anyone that suits your needs and preferences adequately. If you are want to find out more on the differences between ifak and first aid kit, read out article below.


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Colors of thermal blankets and how to choose ?

Thermal blankets are practically life savers and essentials of first aid or survival kits.
This is why having a good knowledge of these thermal blankets, their properties, different colors available and the factors to look out for when selecting the thermal blanket is instrumental to benefiting from its uses.
The various colors, as outlined above, have some unique and exciting properties that makes them stand out. Be sure to opt for anyone that suits your needs and preferences adequately.

Thermal blankets are practically life savers and essentials of first aid or survival kits. This is why having a good knowledge of these thermal blankets, their properties, different colors available and the factors to look out for when selecting the thermal blanket is instrumental to benefiting from its uses. The various colors, as outlined above, have some unique and exciting properties that makes them stand out. Be sure to opt for anyone that suits your needs and preferences adequately.
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